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Easy, fast, efficient... PERSONALIZED SERVICE!! Call us at 949-363-8595 and you'll be connected with an experienced, friendly, fully licensed mortgage loan officer who will be your personal point of contact throughout the entire mortgage loan process.


Available 6 days a week! Your mortgage loan officer will assist you in gathering your required information and keep you up-to-date on the status of your mortgage loan. Mortgage loan officers are available 6 days a week to help you get started and address any questions or concerns regarding the next step in getting your mortgage loan closed.


Close fast! We'll process, review and approve your mortgage fast so you can close in less than 30 days!

Gather essential information

​Before you start your application, have the following information on hand:


Financial information:

Income, asset, expense, and credit information


Property information:

Estimated purchase price and down

payment amount (if buying) or estimated property value and loan amount (if refinancing).


If you would like additional guidance, you can feel free to reach us at 949-363-8595 and we can offer a personalized needs list to you within minutes.


We will specify the list of items required whether you are employed, self-employed, retired, or own 10 houses! We will guide you through the paperwork to make this process as easy as possible for you.


    Complete the online form






If you decide to apply for a mortgage, you can reach us or call us at 949-363-8595, Monday – Saturday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Pacific Time.


Come in or complete the online form and get a follow-up call from a home mortgage consultant. Your home mortgage consultant will ask for the financial and property information you’ve gathered.


To complete your application, you’ll also need to submit your supporting documents. Track the information and documents you’ll need to complete your application with our home buying mortgage application checklist or mortgage refinance application checklist.


Provide supporting documents

Your home mortgage consultant will request any additional documents that we’ll need from you. They will provide important disclosure documents to review, sign, and return, including:


Loan Estimate (LE) that gives a breakdown and estimate of your closing costs


Closing Disclosure (CD that shows the terms of the mortgage loan, the monthly payment schedule, the annual percentage rate (APR), and the costs associated with making and closing the mortgage loan, including your finance charges.


Once the mortgage loan has been submitted, your team will work with you to gather all conditions from you and work with the underwriter to get your mortgage loan file funded as soon as possible.


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